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Shirley Hansen(non-registered)
You've outdone yourself again with such expressive photos - you really have a good eye for capturing things from different angles. Washington, D.C. is one of my favorite places to visit and you've done a great job showing the highlights to others.
Jacqueline Norman(non-registered)
Your pictures are always a delight - you manage to capture real feeling in your landscapes as well as in your portraits and you have a wonderful eye for unusual viewpoints. I look forward to seeing new additions.
Shirley Hansen(non-registered)
Absolutely exquisite photography - it does just keep getting better and better! Thanks for sharing your craft with the rest of us!
charles billington(non-registered)
Boy oh boy! {as the saying goes}. Very impressive. I had fun trying to guess the
different locations, but doubt that I got half of them correct. A wonderful website!
Gilbert Baldwin(non-registered)
I enjoy your work and look forward to getting out and shooting w/u.
Sue Rosckes(non-registered)
Great pics from Madison, looks like you also had a great time.
Brian Schak(non-registered)
Great website Matt.
kathy cushman(non-registered)
Here's the amazing thing about your photos: they get BETTER AND BETTER all the time. I do think this is a gift you have. Hope you continue to pursue it, Matthew! Great job!
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